What They’re Saying…

“From my point of view as a Casting Director, I look for headshots to be simple and honest.  I also think they should be affordable in today’s economy.  I have referred several actors of different types to Dylan.  All have ended up with quality headshots that show them in an honest and authentic way.”

~Scott Wojcik

wojcik | seay  casting, llc


“Without exaggeration, Dylan Patrick is one of New York’s next great photographers. This guy is a dream come true if you are looking for headshots, portraits, landscapes, or photography for any event or creative project. This is the kind of photographer you search and search for and pray that you will find. Dylan possesses literally every skill that one could look for in a high-level photographer…

His artistic eye is quite brilliant and he knows how to set up a shot to get picture-perfect results from both his subject and background. His experience is extensive and his instincts so good that one could call them unteachable. His studio is equipped with cutting edge technology which allows him to be on the forefront of image quality and photographic and lighting possibilities. His editing skills are first rate and he possesses both the attention to detail of a retoucher and the creativity of a graphic designer.www.dylanpatrickhospitality.com

But, most importantly, Dylan has the personality, sense of humor, integrity, kindness, smarts, warmth, and professionalism that take a first-rate photographer from good to exceptional. He makes any client feel totally at ease before, during, and after the shoot. He treats you as if you are the most important person in the world. He makes you trust with all your heart that you will be able to get the shots that you had dreamed of. But, the best part is- he delivers. Dylan Patrick puts 110% of his energies, spirit, and enthusiasm into all his shoots to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

I will continue to recommend ALL of my voice students and all my colleagues in the music, theatre, and entertainment industry to Dylan Patrick. Frankly, if you are trying to find that “perfect photographer”, you can’t do better than Dylan Patrick.”

~Justin Stoney

Voice Teacher

Founder of New York Vocal Coaching Inc.





“Hands down the best experience and outcome of any photographer I have worked with in all my years as a model/actress. When the problem is that there are too many good pictures..that’s a good problem to have.

Thanks again for everything Dylan and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

~Kaitlin Thomas






“Dylan just shot my headshots and I am so excited with the results.  Not only are the pictures great, but Dylan was a real pleasure to work with – completely professional, responsible and easygoing.  I was able to communicate easily with him and we had a great rapport from the start.  I can’t recommend him

highly enough.”~David Munk











“I’ve dealt with three different headshot photographers in the past few years, some of them friends of mine, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so comfortable with a photographer as I did with Dylan. That level of comfort comes through in the shots in spades! I’ve had such a hard time choosing which shots I wanted and the fact that he’s

so generous with the number you get to have makes the choice even harder.

The shoot was super fun, laughing and joking the whole time, and he gave me just the right amount of direction, but otherwise let me choose the looks and really took my input on what I was looking for. Basically, his rates are awesome, he lets you control as much as you like, but gives excellent direction when needed, and takes beautiful pictures. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

I’m incredibly happy with my shots and see myself using them for a long time to come!”

~Amanda Berry




“The most kick ass-ist headshot shoot of all time!”

~Colte Julian








After having worked with Dylan recently, to have some press and promotional photos taken, I wouldn’t work with anyone else apart from him in the future. He had to work

with a difficult client, that would be me, and he had to make someone who is uncomfortable in front of a camera look like it was second nature to them, he achieved that and more. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the p

ositive feedback I have received from others about my photographs is further testament to Dylan’s skills and talents behind the lens to make people in front of it look better than they could have imagined.

~Rodd Chant, Creative Director








“I had one of my best headshot sessions with Dylan!! I’ve already gotten amazing feedback and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I’m very happy with the retouching on my photos and found it to be the best version of me that possibly could have been captured in a photo.

Like most actors, I have a hard time picking the best headshot and Dylan’s advice was not only very helpful, but his eye caught a shot that I had overlooked, and it has been an absolute winner – hands down. One of my favorite parts about the shoot is that Dylan will show you some of your shots while you’re working, so you can see if you’re happy with what is happening on your end of the camera. Amazing coach, amazing photographer, great fun – and if there is such thing as the “money shot”, he’ll get it…twice.”

~Kristin Wetherington




“So many great pictures to choose from! Damn you!”

~Andy Lindberg












“The Headshot session went smoothly…..we met before to discuss the goals of my shoot…discussed types of shots I needed etc…..Day of shoot went like clockwork…The feedback I have gotten from agents has been excellent – “very natural…and unforced.” As a host at Actors Connection the Casting Directors all gave positive feedback when it came to my pictures. My package came with the five photos I had chosen, retouched as needed, bordered withmy name, and on a disc that included ALL the originals, ready to go! Perfect.”

~Vincent D’Elia







“Thank you for making something alien, familiar”


~Jim Vigotty