Printing & Online Display


When it comes to a printed image, the printer is just as important as the photographer.  Factor this into the investment in your headshots. The truth is plain and simple.  If you don’t take pro photos to a pro lab your images will most likely look like crap, and remember that you are holding your photographers work as well, so if you print your awesome looking headshots cheaply and poorly this directly reflects on me!  Take it seriously, behind every great photographer is an exceptional printer.  So do what you can, when you can, if you can only afford to have 1 or 2 shots printed, then that’s ok! Work with those and then next month get a couple more done.  Trust me photographers are not the only ones who notice…agents, casting directors, managers, they all would much prefer a professionally printed photo over one you had done at Kinkos….be better than Kinkos!

I HIGHLY suggest you send my work to ColorWorks NYC, Joe and the rest of his team are very familiar with my work and they do an exceptional job. They also ship to all corners of the country so even though we are in LA you can still send your photo’s to ColorWorks for printing and retouching. Did I mention they have great pricing as well?

You can also use Argentum here in LA.


I do something for my clients that a lot of photographers don’t do…I give you all the images from the shoot…why?  Because I would want them.  I also have a quality control habit, and I go through them and weed out the obvious clunkers, and shots that may have missed the mark.  I do basic RAW processing, contrast and color correction on all your images, and right out of the gate they are going to look awesome, however they are still going to be un-retouched, and not have the final coat of polish on them, so remember this when you put them online!  Keep it to 10 or 15 of your favorites, and don’t go posting your whole session all over Facebook!  I will be happy to upload them to ColorWorks or Argentum for you to share them with agents and managers online, but beyond that just remember that while it is your work, it is also mine, so please be respectful.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES do any of the following: retouch your own image (unless you are a pro), let your friend who is not a pro retouch your image, or put crazy, wacky (AWFUL) Instagram style filters on your images. Please remember that while you are free to use your images for as long as you wish, the copyright still belongs to me. So if you put a terrible filter on your beautiful new headshot and then go telling everyone I took it, this reflects poorly on me, and I reserve the right to have you take any of my images down. Remember your images reflect my work as much as it reflects yours.

When posting to Facebook always check the “High Quality” box in the lower left side of the upload window.  Please make sure that my website is in the caption.  You can also request email/internet friendly versions of your retouched final images from both ColorWorks and Argentum.

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